COVID-19 Safety Plan – Two Roads Farm

Last update: 1 March 2022

Policies to Reduce Interactions and Facilitate Social Distancing

Farm Stand

  • Masking: masks are required in the Farm Stand. Hand sanitizer is provided.
  • A COVID safety notice is posted on the door.
  • Honour stand reduces customer-retailer interactions.
  • Restocking occurs outside of Farm Stand opening hours whenever possible. One staff member and zero customers are allowed in the Farm Stand when it is being restocked.

Farm Work Areas – Pack shed, storage sheds, fridge, greenhouses

  • Tasks will be completed with the minimum number of employees to minimize risk
  • In closed in, non-ventilated spaces (e.g. closed greenhouses) occupancy limits and distancing practices will be followed
  • Pack shed occupancy limit: Up to 5 people working min 6’ apart
  • Storage sheds (including shipping container) occupancy limits: 1 person at a time in each space
  • Walk-in Fridges occupancy limit: 1 person at a time
  • Root spraying area occupancy limit: Up to 3 people working 6’ apart
  • 50’ tunnels occupancy limit: Up to 5 people working 6’ apart
  • Large greenhouse occupancy limit: Up to 15 people working 6’ apart
  • Propagation house occupancy limit: Up to 10 people working 6’ apart
  • Vehicle sharing will be limited to necessary trips. Whenever passengers are from different households, they will wear masks.
  • Wash and pack area organized to maximize distance between workers and limit the need to pass through common spaces
  • Breaks are taken outside when weather allows.
  • Masks will be worn in fully enclosed indoor spaces and when working in close proximity.
  • Pack Shed practices: Workers will be assigned to designated wash and pack spaces. Routes and procedures to access needed materials and the fridge will be laid out for each pack area. Employees will be trained to watch for other employees and take space when moving through common areas.


  • Deliveries will be contactless and outdoor whenever possible
  • Contactless payment will be requested for deliveries to reduce the need for interaction

Engineering Policies to Reduce Spread

Masks and ventilation

  • Pack shed ventilation – the sliding barn door will be left open at all times on the workshop side for maximum airflow
  • Farm Stand ventilation – the front door and windows will be open whenever possible
  • Greenhouse ventilation – greenhouses (including prop house) will be vented when more than 1 worker are inside to increase airflow
  • Shipping Container ventilation – door will be left open when employees are passing in and out regularly to increase ventilation
  • Masks – will be worn in the farm stand and in the pack shed and greenhouses whenever adequate distancing and ventilation is not able to be maintained
  • Deliveries – masks will be worn during deliveries


  • Continue with all pre-COVID health and sanitation practices
  • Hand wash station with soap – Available in the pack shed
  • Sanitizing stations – Available outside Farm Stand and at 2 points around pack shed
  • Hand washing/sanitizing protocols – Hand washing is required upon arrival at work, after returning from breaks, upon returning from the field or greenhouse, before starting a pack shed task, before and after completing a propagation house task
  • Hand sanitizing protocols – Hand sanitizing is required whenever an employee has touched a commonly used surface, such as tools
  • Tool sharing – Employees will have designated tools where possible. Where this is not possible, employees will wash or sanitize hands after using shared tools
  • Tool cleaning – tool handles will be regularly washed and sanitized
  • Pack shed cleaning – The pack shed will be cleaned and high touch surfaces sanitized at the start of each pack day
  • Farm stand cleaning – High touch surfaces will be sanitized prior to opening each day.
  • Deliveries – Sanitizer will be kept in the delivery vehicle and used before and after every delivery

Communication and Training to Support Compliance

Communicating rules and guidelines

  • Communicating employee concerns – employees will report safety concerns to Emily or Sam, farm owners. We will work together with employees to address concerns.
  • COVID safety rules, including occupancy limits, will be posted on the Farm Stand and in the pack shed.
  • Employees will be trained in COVID safety at the start of the season, and will receive and emailed copy of these guidelines at the start of their employment
  • Additional COVID safety information will be available in the employee binder in the pack