The Two Roads Team



Emily Anderson has a background in environmental science and science education. Although she grew up in downtown Toronto, farming is in her genes on her fathers’ side, and the urge to head for the country has taken over. She is passionate about both eating and growing delicious, sustainable, healthy food. While starting Two Roads, she finished a PhD in resource management and environmental studies .

Sam Croome trained in forest management in Scotland, working in timber harvesting and Sam Croomerenewable energy before heading to Canada for a friends’ wedding.  He got distracted and never returned.  He always knew he wanted to own his own parcel of land, and having married a like minded soul in 2012, the stage was set.  Since coming to Canada, he has not worked a single day in forestry. Instead, as a climber and a tower rigger in the telecom industry, he got to see most of British Columbia.


Wilf joined the farm in 2015. His favourite things are feeding the chickens, pointing out ravens and airplanes, being outside, throwing rocks, eating berries and freshly pulled carrots, putting things in buckets and taking them out, playing in the water and watching mum or dad blow on a dandylion.



Hunter (AKA Dogbear, Furbeast) is amazing.  He came to us from Dogwood Rescue in 2012 and we couldn’t have asked for a better dog.  His favourite things are hunting rodents, barking at ravens that are paying too much attention to the chickens, sampling the brassicas and carrots, truck rides, orange kitties, and bedtime



IMG_1127IMG_1120Mort (fluffy) and Julien (not fluffy) joined the farm from the Comox Valley SPCA in February 2016. While they are both orange and friendly, that is where the similarities end. Mort’s favourite things are being outside, playing, climbing, chasing imaginary things, following people, and annoying Julien by being ridiculously friendly. Julien’s favourite things are snuggling, supervising the farm office and farm baby, snoozing by the fire, and disappearing on cat missions. There’s been a noticeable reduction in rodents since these two came to the farm!

IMG_0966Winston is our epsilon rooster. He moved into the car port when things got too competitive in the coop, and we’re loving having him there. He is in charge of tidying up spilled feed in the car port, guarding the wood shed, and providing fantastic running greetings whenever we come up the drive.